Productions & Projects

Ms Paolini’s Phantasmagoria Cabaret

Deconstructed cabaret with strong political, social, artistic, visual, provocative, abstract, surreal, thought-provoking, challenging, and entertaining elements.

Guests acts performing along JPP seasonally at Hoxton Hall

Featured: Frank Chickens, Chris Lynam, Paul Foot, Norman Lovett, Attila the Stockbroker among others. Regular guest act Julian Fox

Next dates: 30th June!

Pictures: Daniele De Paola

‘Grab the City by the Pussy’

In-progress observation on how the ‘grab them by the pussy’ is all around us!

15016221_10155403450464298_5813884257526074728_o.jpgCalvin Klein – Shoreditch, London 10/11/16


Pondering life and death, mostly death which punctuates our daily life.



Ladies Got Legs

‘Love your new material!’ Nicky Oliver

Generated by messing about with new collaborative writing/making process, Ladies Got Legs is about choreographic shock and text, with reference to women stuff!


The Eradication of Schizophrenia in Western Lapland – Ridiculusmus Production

‘The acting was beyond fantastic all round and Patrizia, in particular, was a revelation for me.’  Judy Lovett

Patrizia’s (ongoing) collaboration with Ridiculusmus Theatre company


Why do we dance? and WDWD? The marathon

‘It was exciting most when fatigue (or boredom) settled-on. You open your creative worlds – Excellent!’ Audience member

‘Why don’t we dance more, much more, maybe we should dance all the time.  I love this project.’ Viewer/participant 

Why do we dance is a research project that started 21st July 2014 at BAC with the support of the Arts Council od England.  JPP tries to find out if, beyond subliminal reasons, dancing in fact is one of the absolute of human life.  The week of experimentations and discussions left JPP with the desire to carry on exploring.  We will continue researching the links between philosophy and dance, how the ‘learning’ of the body relates to the mind as well as the implication and reasons of dance culture related closely to the spread of recorded music and the development of a new artistic/professional figure of the DJ.

‘Why do we dance?’ week research closed with ‘WDWD? The marathon’.  A 12 hours dance no stop which left me even more intrigued by the connection between mind and body, ritual and music.

‘Why do we dance?’ and WDWD? The marathon will be back soon.

WDWD? The marathon

WDWD? The marathon


“As if David Lynch had written a comedy”  Hanna Breslin

“The humour is both physical and verbal and occasionally strays into the absurd but it never resorts to cheap laughs – excellent and bold performances”  The Public Reviews Rating: ★★★★☆

Phantasmagoria, follies-esque piece of live entertainment is performed by four attractive women who take on the roles that one might find in a traditional cabaret hall. Here you will find the Ventriloquist! The Femme Fatal! Horse Act! The Freak!!! It’s an unashamed celebration of theatre and comedy which examines the issue of flitting between the real and inauthentic self.  Questions are asked of the id, the ego and the super-ego. Such as ‘Being wrong is right?’, ‘Being racist is wrong’ and ‘Urinating in the street is wrong, no?’….

Phantasmagoria is engaging and original. The fantastic imagery, physical dexterity and observational wit, leaves the audience entertained and delightfully puzzled.