Jesus Paolini Park is a performance collective, whose aim is to make entertaining and intelligent theatre based work.  We are interested in everything that moves! – and also in the things that don’t…   Set in 2012 by Patrizia Paolini, JPP wants to focus in what makes us feel alive.  It’s going to be challenging, intelligent, entertaining, refreshing and with a strong connection to our traditions.

Patrizia Paolini is an Italian performance artist, theatre maker and comedian who has worked extensively on the London circuit as a solo artist for the last fifteen years.  She makes work that embraces entertainment to release the misery and pain that life can be.  She has collaborated with musician Adam Bohman, theatre practitioner Kazuko Hohki, among others.  Patrizia works on an ongoing basis with the theatre company Ridiculusmus.  Jesus Paolini Park is a pseudonym of a sort for Patrizia  , it is way of talking about her collaborative work.


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